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Thanks for stopping by my website and taking the time to look around. All photos on this website are for sale and your viewing pleasure. I have carefully chosen Bay Photo as my printing partner because of their reputation for quality and customer service.

I have been interested in photography for most of my life. Every time I get the camera out and look through the viewfinder I block out the frustrations of life and lose myself in the possibilities that lay before the lens. Not everyone sees the world in the same way. My photos are a sample of my view in this incredible world. In 2003 three of my photos were published by Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle, WA as full page images for in part of the annual report.

With the challenges and disabilities that have come my way I use photography to escape from my body for just a moment. It is enough to keep me going when hammer of life drops anf brings me another surprise.

In 2010 I sold my motorcylces and in early 2012 I had to start using a wheelchair part time. My perspective has changed, but my passions have not.

Please post comments on the photos and galleries. I value the feedback greatly.

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